The World’s Most Influential People in Show Business

In line with Time’s most influential 100, this year’s list includes 27 most influential artists including of course Beyonce who has undeniably influenced the music industry in many ways. The list also includes Miley Cyrus who made twerking officially mainstream.  Also, made the cut, is the Lopez couple, who is behind Disney’s song “Let It Go”. Peek through 10 of the most influential celebrities in showbiz.

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Barack Obama-United States-10-most-influentianl-leaders

2014′s Most Influential Leaders

Time Magazine has named this year’s most influential people on the planet. One hundred men and women made the cut from varied professions. Eighteen businessmen made the list, there are scientists, game winners and religious individuals. This year’s “100″ includes 27 most influential artists including of course Beyonce and “wrecking girl” Miley Cyrus. There are also advocates and politicians including infamous leaders […]

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Ten Super-foods to add in your diet

Super-foods as the word implies, are powerful foods that nourish the body to help build strong defenses against diseases. Several studies have found that super-foods help reduce cholesterol, fight off the risk of heart disease and cancer. Unlike drugs, these super-foods are all natural, so there are no side effects. There is no specific foods for specific ailments, […]

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Top 10 Relaxing Yoga Poses

Yoga is generally good for our body, it promotes health and improves well-being. It’s a great way to work on flexibility and strength. Some yoga routines are about relaxation, and others are more focused on movements. Other types of poses focus on asanas and breathing. We sure would love to be yogins, but for busy people like we are, here are 10 yoga poses we could […]

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feature-YouTube's-10 Best-Sleep-Whispers-Video

YouTube’s 10 Best “Sleep Whisper” Videos

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response or ASMR is the newest craze on YouTube that many YouTubers find to be oddly relaxing. ASMRers otherwise known as the “sleep whisperers” made videos of themselves talking softly while role playing different scenarios, and some videos were more focused on creating soft sounds or triggers. Some of them incorporated soft-talking and whispering with scratching and […]

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JK Rowling-10-World's-Ten-Richest-Authors

World’s Ten Richest Authors

Well known authors like Nora Roberts and J.K. Rowling have experienced fair share of rejections when they were starting off as writers. Nora Roberts’ romance novels have been repeatedly rejected over another writer’s, whom, she had sued for repeatedly plagiarizing Roberts’ works. Harry Potter’s creator, had led a “rags to riches” life story, living on state benefits for years […]

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Top 10 Popular Diet Fads

Anything that talks about diet and weight loss becomes an instant hit in the market. We are flooded with diet books, diet plans, and specially designed diet foods and supplements. Diet fads are common as well, diet gurus make a lot of money advocating their diet programs. However popular these diets are,  do not always mean they are […]

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10 Martial Arts for Self Defense

It is a dangerous world out there, so carrying a pepper-spray or a taser is always a good idea. However, a teeth-shattering kick or a jaw-twisting upper left hook could come more handy sometimes. We are far less than Bruce Lee when it comes to deadly moves, okay very very far less than the guy in yellow-jumpsuit, but some kicks and […]

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Ernesto and Kirsty Bertarelli-10-Richest-Billionaires-in-the-UK

2014′s Ten Richest Billionaires in the United Kingdom

The May 2014 edition of Sunday Times Rich List, published 104 billionaires with combined wealth of over $507 billion. The UK has more billionaires per capita compared to other countries in the world. From 2013, 16 more rich individuals were added to the list of Britain’s newest billionaires. Here are 10 of the richest people in […]

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Mormon Vaults- 10 Most Highly Guarded Vaults

10 Most Impenetrable Vaults

When we talk about safeguarding our valuables we turn to vaults and safes for our offices and homes. But what about protecting immense treasures and very important documents? There are privately owned depositories that are as equally guarded and protected as any military base. These bunkers if not buried underground were built into solid rock at the […]

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