10 Celebrities With The Priciest Breast Implants

More and more women go under the knife, to improve their appearance. Breast augmentation procedure has become popular and common among celebrities, socialites and those who can afford to have new sets of firmer and plumper boobies. Some women, who have undergone breast augmentation procedures, would later have their “girls” reconstructed, to either reducing them to a more […]

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10 Highest Grossing Computer-Animated Films Of All Time

Walt Disney introduced the first and most popular animated film- Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, in 1937. Since then, animated films have been well-received by both young and adult audience. More than seven decades after, filmmakers continued to excite us with much more improved animation in 3D. More recently, the best and by far the […]

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10 Most Expensive Films Of 2013

Motion picture has been feeding our senses with films worthy of applause. Last year’s high caliber films made moviegoers  flocked the theaters and brought in millions-billions in revenue. We’ve listed ten films with the most expensive production budgets. Some of these have blockbustered, but some went short of spice and flopped. The Lone Ranger cost around $225-$250 million in […]

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10 Most Charitable Celebrities

We often perceive Hollywood personalities to be vain and arrogant but few of them have proven that there’s more to Hollywood than just glamour and fame. Music stars like Bono, Elton John and Paul McCartney  have been the biggest philanthropists, raising funds from concert tours and donating the proceeds to charities. Famous talk show hosts Oprah […]

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10 Extreme Beauty Treatments

We all love some pampering every now and then. On your Spa holiday, you’d like your hair shampooed and your scalp massaged, you’d love some facials, and pedicure. You’d be surprised that some spas and salons offer over the top services.  These type of pampering leave you completely speechless, from bird poop facials, to snails, […]

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The 10 Best Shopping Areas in the World

If you are a shopaholic or just simply someone who loves a shopping spree here and there this list is for you to keep. Next time you’re visiting Italy, drop by Milan’s famous fashion hub- at the Via Montenapoleone, or if you’re in New York, you’ll always find your way to the Fifth Avenue in […]

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Top 10 Hottest WWE Divas of All Time

Women inside WWE ring certainly provide a hot diversion to the usual tattooed-gigantic bods of men inside the ring. Divas on skimpy outfits wrestling and toppling one another make us want to watch more of them in action for hours than listen to JCena and The Rocks, verbal exchange. Here are ten of the hottest […]

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10 Strange and Expensive Celebrity Gifts

Celebrities are known lavish spenders, splurging thousands of dollars on whatever stuff or sometimes nonsense stuff they could think of. Spending $100,000 on a gift is nothing, for a celebrity who earns millions per gig. Check out some of the most expensive and yet odd celebrity gifts on this list, is it generosity or do […]

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Top 10 “Hell-on-Earth” Prisons

The Halden Fengsel detention facility in Norway is no doubt the most humane prison facility in the world. The Halden Fengsel prison provides criminals, the pampering that normal freemen enjoy. The facility provides studio type cells with barless windows, mini-fridge and flat-screen TV. The Halden Fengsel  facility also provides a recreational area, a prison yard with […]

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10 Religions You May Not Know Exist

If religions have been causing conflicts and wars would you still be fighting for what you believe in, if these are obviously stupid and nonsense worships? Imagine going to church to worship a spaghetti monster, yes, you heard it, the religion is also known as “Pastafarianism”. The world’s major religions we know are Christianity, Islam, Hinduism […]

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