Top 10 Creepiest Abandoned Insane Asylums


For some, a mentally deranged person is creepy and gives chills but how about abandoned asylums? People have become intrigued in these establishments as they have heard rumors and stories of unexplainable events that have happened at insane asylums. Some become shocked when they learn how past psychiatric doctors treated their patients. The acts that they have done are really grave. You will get the idea on why these locations are truly haunted.

1-Danvers State Lunatic Asylum

Considered as one of the scariest asylums right now, the Danvers Asylum is at the top of Hawthorne hill in Massachusetts. Even though the structure is magnificently beautiful in the outside, it is quietly rotting in the inside. Danvers Asylum built in 1874  is formerly known as the place wherein witch trials have been made. It turned dark in the middle of century. Electrical shock therapy and other heinous treatments are used for patients who became ghastly as they roam the asylum with almost no clothes. It is now transformed into apartments after long abandonment.

2-Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

Also popular as being one of the haunted places in U.S.A and it has managed to capture the attention of the paranormal people in certain T.V shows. Stands in Weston, West Virginia, the asylum is built in 1864. With patients of mental delusions, the Trans asylum is also known for gruesome tortures and therapy like the water shock. Aside from the inhumane treatments, keeper of the institution like the warders beat the patients brutally together with some inmates. It is documented that numerous deaths and violent acts are done in the walls of the asylum. There is also a case wherein a nurse went missing and was found after two months in an old staircase.

3-Poveglia Asylum

The tiny island of Poveglia is known for terror events that took place in it. The island became a dumping ground for ill people as Italy have been plagued by a certain kind of disease. It is recorded that dead bodies and even living people who showed symptoms have been buried and burned to death. The asylum in the island also didn’t escape the vicious activities of a mad doctor who killed hundreds of patients with his experiments and ended his life afterwards.

4-Manteno Mental Hospital

Paranormal groups have been checking out this creepy abandoned hospital and reported their scary experiences like crying and screaming voices. It is expected that you will become scared when you hear about the infamous treatments like lobotomies, fever cabinets and other horrible acts of therapies. Although with only a few staff, this hospital catered to 8,000 mentally ill patients which resulted into numbers of deaths.

5-Fuller State School and Hospital

This institution serviced the mentally disabled children and adults in Massachusetts. It gained attention when it is discovered that the patients have been abused and ignored by the attending staffs.  Workers in the hospital have been reported for beating the children and leaving them without clothes and food. It is also noted that the place is unsanitary with feces and urine all over the grounds.

6-Topeka State hospital

Built 1872 in Kansas to care for the mentally deranged but opposite activities happened as it is tracked that the patients endured cruel acts like rape and torture treatments. Neglected without any activities to do, some patients have stayed in the establishment nude for months. There are also cases in which the patients have been strapped down too long that the skin grew through the straps holding him. They also practiced castrations among the patients and electric shock therapies.

7-Northampton State Hospital

Opened in 1856 in Massachusetts, the insane asylum was known for more than 12,000 patients that have been buried in the vicinity of the hospital cemetery. With numerous deaths from overcrowding and neglect from the hospital staff, paranormal groups or people visiting the asylum mostly hear noises like whispers.

8-Hellingly Asylum

With its name alone, you will depict some creepy thoughts instantly. It is once a popular institution for the insane as the building is carefully designed but then it becomes overcrowded as they admitted more than 1,200 patients. Torn by abandonment, eerie ambiance surrounds the asylum as people told creepy experiences about the hospital.

9-Athens Lunatic Asylum

It became popular when a body of a female patient lied lifelessly in a room where it is locked from the inside, since then it made into the lists of scariest places on earth.

10-ByBerry Mental Hospital

In 1907, they first opened the institution for the mentally sick patients which hoped to be cured but turned out to be ignored and beaten by the personnel in the hospital.  Cruel treatments also injured the starved patients like lobotomies and electric shock.

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