Top 10 Greatest Scientists


As of now, we can say that we are in a generation wherein almost everything has been solved and the only thing we could do is to improve and try to further research about them. We are pertaining to the answers provided by the scientists years back. Without them, admittedly, living nowadays will be as hard as the times thy were still alive. Below is the short-list of “Top 10 Greatest Scientists”.

1-  SIR ISAAC NEWTON, 1642-1727

Sir Isaac Newton is considered as the greatest scientist because of his many discoveries and inventions. He is notable with his Law of Gravity and Motion which made everyone at his time realize that “gravity” can greatly affect us. Not only that, but he is also one of the prime person behind “Calculus” which also made him not just a great scientist but an incomparable Mathematician as well. He also earned the mastery on optics which led hi to the creation of “Reflecting Telescope”, which also started because he managed to study the prism of colors. Sir Isaac Newton is also said to be a good musician, making him a 100 percent genius. He died at the age of 84.

2- LOUIS PASTEUR, 1822-1895

Louis Pasteur is a popular microbiologist and chemist who became very popular with his “Pasteurization”. Pasteurization is a process wherein the spoiled milk is turned to a very delicious cheese. Also, he is a premier discoverer of several cures for the previously known “incurable” diseases. With the help of Louis Pasteur, we now have cures for Puerperal fever, vaccines for rabies and even for anthrax. He is also the man behind the asymmetry for crystals which is also used as molecular basis.

3- GALILEO GALILEI, 1564-1642

Galileo will never be forgotten with his “Heliocentrism” which is once a very controversial topic in his time. With Heliocentrism, he proved that it is the Earth which revolves around the Sun and not the other way around. He used the ancient telescope to discover the moons around Jupiter, the phases of Venus, and the observation of the sunspots. Because of his superb contributions, he got a lot of tag names which provide his greatness such as the “Father of Modern Physics”, “Father of Science”, and “Father of Modern Science”. Actually, he is also the man behind the creation of the military compass which is still used up to these days. However, although he has proved some of his points on Heliocentrism, it became hard for him to gain support from the other geniuses in his time.

4- MARIE CURIE, 1867-1934

She is a great female physicist and chemist who discovered radiation. Actually, among the Top 10, she is the only female who got it and historically, she is also the first female scientist to get several Nobel Prizes. Her contribution in the discovery of radiation became very helpful as this is also the reason why X-Ray exists nowadays. She used the radioactive isotopes to produce radioactivity with the 2 main elements namely as Polonium and Radium. However, because of her dedication to her discovery and studies on radioactivity, that is also the known cause of her death at 66.

5- ALBERT EINSTEIN, 1879-1955

Albert Einstein is among the popular scientists who successfully contributed in many fields. Mostly, he has done a lot of write-ups about molecular theories. He also tackled the motion of molecules which is until now, used by new and young scientists. His Quantum Theory is a huge blast which is actually should be turned into a “Law” as he proved it already. Statistical Mechanics was also ion his range. He is considered as a genius because at a very young age, people had seen him working on several “weird” creations which are not typical for his age bracket. He is not just a scientist, but also a Mathematician, a great writer, and a musician.

6- CHARLES DARWIN, 1809-1882

Charles Darwin is a popular scientist who tried to prove his theory of Natural Selection. Natural selection is a theory wherein tries to prove that “Human beings actually came from being apes”. He successfully captured the positive feedbacks from the community of scientists since he successful showed fossils which may explain the reason behind the possibility that Natural Selection has dictated the evolution of man. However, religious community found it hard to believe it as it opposed to their belief that “man was created by God.” Until now, his theory remains to be a theory. Even he showed several evidences which can prove his findings, discrepancies and irregularities remained to be unanswered.


Emil Fischer is a popular chemist who successfully proved a lot when it comes to nutrients. He studied the compounds such as caffeine and theobromine which led him to the idea that it is very possible for him to synthesize them. This is the start of his progression as the man who has the mastery in synthesizing compounds and later focused on purines and sugar. From that study, he later discovered other compounds which are very popular nowadays as add-ons to foods such as vegetable oil. He also studied some enzyme which led him to the discovery of protein as a very healthy nutrient that a human immune system, should have.

8- NIKOLA TESLA, 1856-1943

Nikola is the man behind electromagnetism which is now applied on modern electronics. He admitted that all of his proven studies came from the original works of Michael Faraday and he intelligently used them as his main inspiration. He is also the “sidekick” of Thomas Edison in the creation of the light bulb, as his knowledge in electromagnetism contributed a lot to power the first light bulb. However, Nikola Tesla is an introvert scientist who rarely appeared in front of the press to boast his new discoveries. He used to write his statements and just send it to the publications. Because of his attitude, he was tagged as a “mad scientist” and gained les popularity compared to the other scientists whom he helped to succeed.

9- THOMAS EDISON, 1847-1931

Thomas Edison is very popular with the one of the greatest inventions: the light bulb. Actually, Thomas Edison is not a mere scientist but just intelligent enough to come up with the idea of creating the light bulb. Thomas is a known entrepreneur, as he owns a small electrical shop. However, disaster came that his shop was burnt down. He needed a huge amount of money urging him to be among the scientists who can come up with an invention which can make life easier. Many attempted to create the source of light but it was him who made the perfect one. He used the tiny filament to effectively light up a room in a long span of time. He was applauded by politicians that time and the start of his success as a great inventor and businessman of his huge electric company.

10- ARISTOTLE, 384 BC-322 BC

Aristotle is popular with his promptness on on-the-spot debates. For historians, he was known as “a person who doesn’t know how to keep quiet” as he always had an answer to several arguments that he receives. Actually, he used his logical reasoning as a way to interpret some things which are now considered as true. His thoughts on regarding “motion” was used by the scientists as their basis to prove it and now, his findings about it were all proven. He is also the man behind the analysis of the five elements Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Aether. Also, the Aristotle’s Scientific Method was found to be very effective by many successful scientists.


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