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Top 10 Largest Spiders


Spiders like most animal species too are of different kinds. They range in their sizes, colors among many other physical features. Consequently, they also range in the kind of poison that they bear and the lethal nature of those poison carried too. That means that not all spiders are the same. Each are different in their own kinds and therefore the need to ensure that there is a clear distinction established for understanding of the particular type of spider that a person is dealing with. That also helps in making of the antidotes for the venom stings that needed attention.

1- Huntsman Spider

Photo Credit: RWS Photo

The first or largest spider is the huntsman spider. The scientific name or taxonomy is heteropoda maxima. It is 300 mm long which is approximately 11.8 inches long. It is very rare to see but can be seen in some areas of parts of the world where it is common.

2- lasiodora parahybana

The second largest spider is the Brazilian salmon pink. Its scientific name is lasiodora parahybana.  It is about 270mm in length which is approximately 10.6 inches long.  Commonly seen in countries south of America and mostly in Brazil hence the name. It is a very rare kind of spider and can only be seen in the countries or areas that it commonly infest or its natural habitant in the South American country.

3- Brazilian ginat tawny red

The third largest spider is the Brazilian ginat tawny red. It is also commonly found in Brazil and most other parts of South American countries. Its scientific name is grammostola mollicoma. The spider is 260mmm in length which is approximately 10.2 inches. It is common in Brazil in the natural habitats.

4- Goliath tarantula

The forth largest spider is the goliath tarantula commonly referred to as bird eating spider. Its scientific name is theraphosa blondi. It is 254mm in length or 10 inches.  This is one of the spiders that cause a great deal of phobia among most people.

5- wolf spider

Fifth largest spider is the wolf spider scientifically known as cupiennius sallei. It measures about 254 mm which is 10 inches just like the goliath tarantula.

6-  purple bloom bird eating spider

Sixth largest spider is the purple bloom bird eating spider. The taxonomy name it as xenesthis immanis. It measures 230 mm or otherwise 9.1 inches in length.  It is a very interesting kind of spider that has attracted attention from the scientist for further study of its habits and its habitat.

7- Xenesthis Monstrosa

The seventh largest spider is the xenesthis monstrosa.  It does not have a local name due to its rare nature. It measures 230 mm or 9.1 inches in length. That is something that has attracted more scientists to study this specific rare kind of spider.

8- Hysteroscrates Hercules

Eighth largest spider is the Hercules baboon referred to as hysteroscrates Hercules in the naming or taxonomy. It measures 203 mm or 8 inches. It is also a key study interest in the world of anthropology.

9- Hysterocrates sp

Photo Credit: Damjan Knafeljc

Ninth largest spiders are the hysterocrates sp. They measure up to 178 mm or 7 inches in length. They are also very rare and a very interesting study group or animals.

10- Tegenaria parietina

Lastly, closing the top 10 largest spiders is the tegenaria parietina which measures 140 mm or 5.5 inches in length.

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