World’s Top 10 Geniuses of All Time


Geniuses are people with exceptionally high IQ. The average IQ is 100. The IQ of a person may vary throughout his or her lifetime. The basis for the ranking is the recorded IQ of the individuals discussed on this article. So without further ado, here are the world’s Top 10 geniuses of all time!

1- Johann Wolfgang von Goether

Were you thinking of Albert Einstein? With an IQ score of 210, the number one spot goes to Johann Goethe. He is a German novelist, playwright, scientist, theater director, statesman, amateur artist, and a critic! Being the sole German literary figure, he comes in equal standing with Germany’s supreme composers and philosophers. His writings are classical and have gained a dominant position in the German literature since the end of the 18th century. He is also looked upon by the Europeans as the central representative of the Romantic Movement.

2- Leonardo Da Vinci

Who does not know this man? Perhaps paintings are more popular than his name. The Mona Lisa, and the Last Supper are just two his popular and influential paintings. His paintings are so popular that they often become the subjects of other masterpieces and movies like the Da Vinci Code. Leonardo has an IQ score of 205. He is not just a painter. He is also a draftsman, architect, sculptor, and an engineer. His works are the epitome of Renaissance humanist ideals.

3- Emmanuel Swedenborg

Emmanuel Swedenburg has an IQ score of 205. He was a scientist, philosopher, Christian mystic and a theologian. He wrote many writings about the interpretation of scriptural passages. The Swedenborgian societies were created to study his thoughts. These societies were later organized into a church called the Church of New Jerusalem.

4- Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz

Gottfried is the philosopher who took the fourth spot. He has an IQ score of 205 as well. He wrote numerous books about philosophy. He also contributed significantly to the German politics and diplomacy. He also contributed to Mathematics. He invented caculus independent of Newton. His calculus notations were used since then. He also invented the binary system, which is used by digital computers at present.

5- John Stuart Mill

Another philosopher takes the fifth spot of our top 10 list of geniuses. He is the major proponent and advocate of Utilitarianism. Utilitarianism is an ethical principle or theory. His thoughts, expressed in his writings, contributed significantly to the development of modern philosophy. His works, in particular, influenced the development of the English thoughts. Despite his significant contributions to the progress of the human civilization, he is often describing as a man of simplicity.

6- Blaise Pascal

Mathematecian, philosopher, physicist, and a master of prose such is the Blaise Pascal. Having an IQ score of 195, Pascal claims the 6th spot in our Top 10 list of geniuses. This man created the fundamentals of modern theory of probabilities. He formulated the Pascal’s law of pressures. He’s contribution to religion incorporates the ideology that man’s experience o God can be felt more through the heart and not more on reason. He established the principle of intuitionism which had a great impact to philosophers like Henri Bergson and Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

7- Ludwig Josef Wittgenstein

Ludwig is our top 7 genius. He has an IQ score of 190. He is regarded by many as the greatest philosopher of the modern world. He had two major writings, namely: Logisch-philosophische Abhandlung, and Philosophische Untersuchungen. These two works had great influenced in the development of the modern philosophy. His charisma has fascinated artists, poets, playwright, novelists, film makers and musicians.

8- Bobby James Fischer

Bobby has an IQ score of 187. He is a chess master. He became the chess grandmaster at a very young age. Because of this, he holds the title of being the youngest chess grandmaster. On his quest in the game of chess, he won 20 consecutive games. On his battle for the world title of chess grandmaster, he lost once, had three draws but ultimately winning the last game versus Tigram Petrosyan – the former world champion.

9- Galileo Galilei

When dealing with astronomy, one name always comes into the scene. Galileo Galilei has an IQ score of 185. He is an astronomer, philosopher, and a mathematician. His contributions include the science of planetary motion, strength of materials, and astronomy. He also developed the scientific method. His formulation of inertia, laws of falling bodies, and parabolic trajectories contributed significant in the development of classical physics.

10- Anne-Louise-Germain Necker Baronne de Stael

Madame De Stael has an IQ score of 180. She is the epitome of European culture during her time. She is a political propagandist and a conversationalist. She bridged the ideas of Neoclassicism to Romanticism on her writings. She writes novels, moral political essays, poems, and plays.


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