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10 Actors Who Were Injured during Takes

As much as we love action films and real-life stunts, some stunts could often go wrong and result in severe injuries. It’s no secret that some of the action stunts in many films were carried out by body doubles. Some actors do not want to risk getting injured over a stunt. However, there are those we call “Action Stars” who do their own death-defying stunts, and there’s only a few of them.

Jackie Chan is perhaps the most known action star who always carry out stunts on his own. Brave souls like him have undergone training and have years of experience doing these acts. Some of our most-loved celebs have endured injuries while shooting a film. Here are 10 on-set accidents while filming.

10- Channing Tatum- Scorched Wiener

While filming “The Eagle”, in Scotland, actor Channing Tatum suffered a severe burn to his privates. Tatum was filming a scene in a freezing river and to stay warm crews would pour in lukewarm water down their suits.

Tatum was asked by one of the assistants if he wanted to warm up before he’d go for the take, however, the crew member gave him the very hot water, which burnt his chest right down to his wiener. As a result the water pretty much burnt all the skin off his penis, after it was poured down his wetsuit by mistake. Tatum was rushed to the hospital and was treated, and recovered just fine.

10 Actors Who Were Injured during Takes
10 Actors Who Were Injured during Takes

9- Jason Statham- Near-Death Drowning incident

As much as we love the extreme action and the flying bullets in the film “The Expandables 3”, lead actors like Jason Statham had a near death experience while filming the badass movie. On the stunt scene, Statham was driving a truck when the brakes failed to work; the truck rolls over the dock and into the Black Sea, while Statham was inside.

Without any help, Statham was able to break free from the truck. While everyone panicked for help (when there was actually no one there to rescue him), Statham managed to swim up to the surface, thanks to his great swimming ability, he rescued himself from drowning, he’s a real badass.

8- George Clooney- TBI (traumatic brain injury)

George Clooney had an on-set injury, after cracking his head open during a torture scene while filming Syriana back in 2005. Although Clooney won an Academy Award for Syriana, this did not made him full y happy as he was in excruciating pain after the injury, and it took weeks for doctors to figure out exactly what was wrong with him.

In an interview Clooney said “before the surgery, it was the most unbearable pain I’ve ever been through, literally where you’d go, “well, you’ll have to kill yourself at some point, you can’t live like this”, explained Clooney.

7- Nicole Kidman- Fractured Ribs

Actress Nicole Kidman broke her rib at the Sydney studio during a dance routine for Moulin Rouge. Kidman cracked a rib and injured her knee while rehearsing a dance scene when co-star Ewan MacGregor accidentally dropped her. The movie was put on hold for two weeks to allow Nicole Kidman, to recover from the injury.

10 Actors Who Were Injured during Takes
10 Actors Who Were Injured during Takes

6- Leonardo DiCaprio- Sliced Hand Open

On the set of Django Unchained, Leonardo DiCaprio was shooting a very climactic scene that required him to slam his hand on the table. Leo for several times slammed his hand on the table so hard; it crushed a crystal glass. Even so, Leo did not break character but continued with the filming with blood dripping down his hand as a prop. His real-life bloodied hand made it into wrap of the film’s final version, and Leo had to have it stitched.

5- Halle Berry- Broken Arm

Halle Berry had her arm accidentally broken by co-star Robert Downey Jr, while filming the thriller Gothika back in 2003. The plot was a mental ward in which Downey held down Berry’s arm the wrong way and broke it. Berry had taken 8-week off to recover from her arm injury.

And the filming went on after, with a small cast that went from her elbow to her wrist. According to rumors, Berry has not forgiven the Iron Man’s star for the incident that happened more than 10 years ago. She thought Downey was not sorry enough and didn’t even send flowers or anything.

4- Johnny Depp- Fell off a Horse

The Lone Ranger’s budget cuts and box-office flop after its release were not the only aches Depp had to endure. He literally had aches and pains after an on-set mishap. Depp was doing his own horseback riding stunt when things went terribly wrong. In the scene, Depp mounts his horse and gallops, then slowly the saddle came loose and Depp was seen falling off the horse and on to the ground. Lucky for him, he escapes being trampled by the angry animal.

3- Kellan Lutz- Slashed by Machete

During a fight scene, Kellan Lutz cut his own chest open while shooting for “The Killing Game”. Lutz who also played as Emmett Cullen in the vampire film-Twilight, accidentally slashed his chest with a machete. Lutz who is known for doing his own stunts, admits this one got out of hand, this mishap left a scar on his chest.

2- Brad Pitt – Torn Achilles tendon

Brad Pitt was playing the role- Achilles who is a demigod, invulnerable in all of his body except for his heel, thus the term Achilles’ heel has come to mean a person’s point of weakness. Like in the myth, Brad had his own weakness, his achilles. During a fight scene Brad tore his left Achilles tendon while filming. The injury resulted to halt filming for 10 weeks. The film also starred Orlando Bloom as Paris and Eric Bana as Hector.

10 Actors Who Were Injured during Takes
10 Actors Who Were Injured during Takes

1- Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan has been famous for carrying out his own stunts since his early filming days. He’s the kind of action star that does not do mere stunts but rather death-defying actions. Chan actually almost died when a stunt went wrong and turned into brain surgery.

While shooting in Yugoslavia for the film Armour of God he completed a stunt where he had to jump from a castle wall to a tree below, but he decided to try the stunt again to get a better take. Unfortunately on his second attempt, he missed the tree branch and slammed his head against the solid ground. The impact severed his skull and blood poured from his ears. He was rushed into a hospital and luckily survived the jump and went on a full recovery.

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