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Prank calls were famously part of some morning talk shows on the radio and tv when the host called random people and annoy their victims for the amusement of the audience. Prank calling has been a popular telephone gag or joke which is illegal in some states.

The idea is to call a friend, family member, a relative, or simply calling random numbers, to annoy them by whatever idea comes to mind. Sometimes a prank call could simply be, calling a victim and when he answers, you hung up, or simply don’t answer- the idea of listening to your victim says “hello” several times is quite fun. But always keep in mind that harassment is an offense so think twice before you pull a prank.

10- the bomb prank

Call some random person, then hung up when you’re told you got a wrong number, then call again- use another name and ask if someone was looking for you. Prankster: hey, can I speak with Tom. Victim: sorry there’s no one here by that name.

Prankster: okay, when he’s back, tell him that Nick will pick him up at 10 pm, thanks. Victim: we’ll okay. hung up and call back in 3 minutes. Prankster: Hi I’m Tom, did someone leave a message for me?. Victim: Uhm yeah, Nick will pick you up at 10 pm. Prankster: okay, did he mention anything about the bomb?. Victim: what..uhh… then hung up, LOL.


9- Chinese restaurant prank

Call a Chinese restaurant and order some fast food. When calling say your order really fast. Victim: thank you for calling Lao Min Dynasty restaurant, may I take your order?. Prankster: I’d like to order 5 Big Mac, 5 coke float, 5 cheeseburgers, etc..etc.. Victim: sir, this is a Chinese restaurant, we don’t serve fast food.

(interrupt him and repeat your order). Prankster: I’d like to order 2 Big Mac, 2 large fries, 2 coke float, 2 cheeseburgers, etc..etc.. in this case, the person on the other line will either hung up or repeat the “we- don’t- serve- fast- food- here!”.

8- I’m pregnant prank

The idea is to call someone and pretend that his or her brother or son knocked you up. Prankster: is your son there?. Victim: no, who are you. Prankster: I’m his girlfriend, this is really urgent, and he needs to know. Can you tell him I’m pregnant?. (if it was his mom, she’ll freak out, then go on with it some more or hung up).


7- Hawaiian exotic dancers prank

Call some random people and let them confirm their order of Hawaiian exotic dancers. Prankster: hey this is from Aloha Company, you recently ordered some Hawaiian exotic dancers, would you like some booze on the side?. Victim: what?.

Prankster: we have some really awesome Hawaiian exotic dancers, would you like them to bring some booze when they come over? Please confirm your order. A friend tried this on my dad and he was like, “what the hell are you talking about”, “Mike comes over here”.

6- The CIA prank

Just so we could get even with the telemarketers, we pull this one on them. Dialed their toll free number and pretended to be someone working from the CIA. Victim: thank you for calling ____,this is Linda, how may I help you?.. Prankster: I’m Eric, I’m with the CIA, I’ve found out some stuff at your apartment that are threat to national security, we have sent out a team to come and take you down.

Victim: sir, how can I help you?. Prankster: they will take you down, I repeat, they-will-take- you-down, they are at your doors now, you–better–run. Victim: sir, goodbye!. If you’d like to go for this prank. Call the toll free number several times most likely you’ll get different telemarketers each time, just don’t forget to mask your number.


5- you’ve won a laptop prank

Call people in random and say you’re from Walmart of some stores, and you’re giving away some laptops if they could answer some questions first. Prankster: Hi, I’m Ben, I’m from Walmart, it’s the company’s 21st anniversary today, and we’re giving away some laptops. Victim: wow great!. Prankster: yes, you could win one, if you’d answer some questions first, are you ready?.

Victim: yeah sure, anything… Prankster: okay here it goes….beeeep…(hung up). If you’d like to go on with it, don’t hang up yet, make up some questions like “where do babies come from” or “have you been to the moon” etc.

4- hey bad boy prank

Call random people and say you had a great time last night … Once he or she picks up the phone, say your thing, he’ll be shocked. It will be more fun if you’d disguised an accent (Russian accent is always hot). Prankster: hey, I had a great time last night, you were awesome, wanna do it again?. Victim: uhh, what..who are you?.

Prankster: I’ve been thinking about you a lot, wanna hook up again?… Now you could hang up or get on with it. And if it was the wife who picked up— he is so screwed lol. Or maybe you’d get someone who’d ride on with it, that’s really fun.

3- will you marry me prank

Call random people and pop the question. In a very slow and sweet tone ( I wonder how would that sound lol) Prankster: hey babe, will you marry me? Victim: huh? what, who are you?. Prankster: let’s get married, c’mon say yes, please. Victim: what…(hung up).

A friend tried this to an old lady and the response was priceless. One prankster said he got a “yes” from his victim, (congrats dude).


2- stuck in the toilet prank

This one right here, I read on the internet, and found it interesting so I might do this prank one day. The idea is to call any restaurant and say you are stuck in one of their toilets… Victim: Thank you for calling _______, what’s your order. Prankster: hey, I’m stuck in one of your toilets, can you help me get out?. Victim: sir, what?. Prankster:…and bring some toilet paper. Hung up and go on with your next victim.

1- hid the body prank

Call random people, you should sound a bit jittery to scare the hell out of them. Prankster: I hid the body, who’s next?. Victim: you’ve got a wrong number (hung up). Call again in 3 minutes. Prankster: Johny we’re screwed, I called the wrong number about the body (hung up). Now that’s pretty scary.

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