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10 Celebrities With The Priciest Breast Implants

More and more women go under the knife, to improve their appearance. Breast augmentation procedure has become popular and common among celebrities, socialites, and those who can afford to have new sets of firmer and plumper boobies. Some women, who have undergone breast augmentation procedures, would later have their “girls” reconstructed, to either reducing them to a more subtle cup-A size or some may even go for a gigantic pair. Here are 10 Celebrities with the most expensive boob-jobs ever.

10- Salma Hayek: approx $10,000

Mexican born, Salma Hayek started out her acting career in Mexico in the early 1990s and moved to Hollywood and started out on a few movie gigs, in 1995. A few years after, Salma signed on several TV and film contracts. In her uprising career and stardom.

Salma has to keep up, although she already was blessed with perfect curves, she shocked the world with her new set of boobs. Salma never actually admitted to having them done, we can exactly tell the difference, she went from a C-cup to a double D. Salma was listed as one of the most bootylicious in Hollywood.

10 Celebrities With The Priciest Breast Implants
10 Celebrities With The Priciest Breast Implants

9- Carmen Electra: approx $10,000

Just like Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra also had some help acquiring that close-to-prefect bod. Former Baywatch babe, admitted to having had breast augmentations ten years ago, she went from a 32B to a double D and made it on the cover of Playboy.

Prior to becoming huge, she was first featured in a nude pictorial in the same magazine in 1996, which signed her way to four more covers in June 1997, December 2000, April 2003, and the January 2009 anniversary issue. Carmen Electra has been involved in several charitable works, which include running a non-profit organization that offers support to brain tumor survivors and supports abused and abandoned children.

8- Nicole Kidman: approx $15,000

Nicole Kidman was very blessed in many aspects of her life, except for that part; they were tiny and almost flat. Nicole always loves wearing dresses with low plunging neckline, sporting those sexy firm breasts, especially after the $15,000 boob-job.

Nicole had also undergone multiple Botox injections and lip augmentation which are quite unnecessary for such a beautiful face, or maybe there’s something underneath that million-dollar make up that we don’t see, but the lips went really wrong.

7- Kelly Rowland: approx $15,000

On her sweet 16, Kelly wanted to gift herself a boob-job, but thanks to friend and former Destiny’s sister, Queen Bey, who talked her out of it.

Kelly waited ten whole years until she finally decided; the time has come to do something about “those girls”. In October 2007, former Destiny’s Child singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, and TV host Kelly Rowland went on with the procedure and was very happy with the result. In an interview for Cosmopolitan, Kelly proudly admitted having the procedure is her gift to herself.

10 Celebrities With The Priciest Breast Implants
10 Celebrities With The Priciest Breast Implants

6- Kate Hudson: $15,000

Kate, a natural beauty doesn’t need anything done on her body; she always looks hot even without those implants. However, being flat-chested seemed to have bothered her more than we have thought. On her 31st birthday, Kate Hudson treated herself a trip to Beverly Hills’ most renowned cosmetic surgeon- Garth Fisher. Unlike other women on this list that went crazy on their boob-makeover, Kate went for a more subtle size, for that barely there natural flawless “twins”.

5- Denise Richards: approx $25,000

With no shame, Denise Richards admitted that she had undergone breast augmentation procedures. Her fist boob-job was in 1990, when she was only 19. Eight years after she thought her breasts were too big and undergone breast reduction procedure, only to have bigger ones again, with the surgeon again giving her larger implants than she expected, (she could have slapped the surgeon with her huge “boobies”).

Charlie Sheen’s ex wasn’t so happy about the size of her new girls and had them reduced. Denise posed for Playboy, to encourage women to embrace their sexuality.

4- Heidi Montag: approx $30,000

The former The Hills star, went fully public about her boob job, and allowed the hungry media to publicize her boob-job story. Heidi went on an extreme make-over spree, undergoing ten plastic surgery procedures in just one day, in 2009. Among the procedures were brow-lifts, ear-pinnings, a chin reduction, as well as a second rhinoplasty and second breast augmentation.

She had her first boob job in 2007 and the second one in 2010. Heidi’s implants went all the way up an F-cup size which has been reduced to D-cup size after having severe health issues for having such gigantic boobs.

3- Anna Nicole Smith: approx $33,000

This voluptuous blonde, became one of Hollywood’s hottest babes, after she was discovered from a strip club by a photographer in Texas. Nicole decided to pursue a modeling career, and had a double boob job, which means two implants in each breast. Her new “twins” helped her land the cover of Playboy at the age of 24, and was named Playmate of the Year in 1993. Nicole married a 63-year-old billionaire, and was given her own reality show on the E! Network.

Smith’s life wasn’t always full of glamour. She lost her 20-year-old son Danny to methadone overdose, only 3 days after giving birth to a daughter in 2006. Nicole died of an overdose of prescription drugs, on February 8, 2007, at the age of 39. Her body was discovered in a Hollywood, Florida hotel room.

2- Pamela Anderson: approx $35,000

Pamela never denied getting her boobs done, for obvious reasons; her boobies don’t lie, so why bother denying the obvious. Back in her Baywatch days, Pam had natural curves and those “ twins” weren’t as huge as she sports them today. The Pam-demonium had graced the covers of Playboy several times, wearing either skimpy costumes or sexy lingerie, and sometimes completely stripped. She had her first breast implants in 1990, which, she had removed nine years later.

However, in 2004, Pamela had undergone breast augmentation again, this time choosing the ones twice the size of her previous implants. Anderson flaunts her giant “twins” proudly; after all, she may have had started the boob-job craze in America.

10 Celebrities With The Priciest Breast Implants
10 Celebrities With The Priciest Breast Implants

1- Angelina Jolie: approx $40,000

Angelina always has a perfect body, a charming beauty, and a good heart. Angie claims she had never had anything done on her body, until last year (2013) when she had a preventative double mastectomy in order to reduce her chance of developing breast cancer. The 38-year-old “Maleficent” star, lost her mother to cancer, and after undergoing several gene testing that costs around $3,000, she was traced with an 87% chance of developing the disease.

Double mastectomy costs $15,000, and Jolie is one of the lucky few to have afforded the operation, while others die of the costly disease. Angie had also undergone surgery procedures that involved transplants. She now sports a quite bigger cup size and is very happy about it, but her battle isn’t over yet. After two major surgeries, she admitted that there’s a chance of going under the knife again to have her ovaries removed.

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