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Probably stepping in New York city is cool enough, but what else can you do other than to bring home a souvenir T-shirt? Here are some of the cool ways to enjoy the things that the city has to offer: enrolling yourself into short-term classes like Trapeze and Salsa dancing (some of them are free!),

Taking a stroll at the famous Green-Wood Cemetery and the elegant High Line, or even learn how to create your very own New York-style pizza! Make the best out of your travel by checking out this list of 10 Cool Things To Do in New York!

10- Stroll at Green-Wood Cemetery

This might come off-putting for some, but the Green-Wood cemetery is not just a simple cemetery that you imagine. Actually, it is one of the few “fashionable” places to be buried and has been internationally known for its beauty and glamour.

It was first founded in 1838 as one of the country’s first rural cemeteries. Today, this 478-acre memorial park in Brooklyn is designed with mausoleums, glacial ponds, valleys, and hills. It is actually made an inspiration in the development of other popular parks such as Central Park in New York!


9- Ice Skating in Central Park

If you are nearby the Upper East Side neighborhood, one of the coolest things to do is to ice skate in Central Park. For over 60 years since the park opened, the Trump-Wollman Rink has always been jam-packed with kids and kids at heart! It is a perfect holiday backdrop with its spectacular open-air skating pond, surrounded by the landscape of the city.

When you’re tired, you can rest over the benches and watch the beautiful cityscape surrounding you. It is even more stunning at night!

8- Explore Chinatown

Yes, there is a Chinatown in New York! Although you did not come to New York to experience Chinese culture, you will be missing a lot if you do not visit this neighborhood. During summer in Manhattan, it is the most fragrant neighborhood in the city!

You can shop around fashionable items, get a cheap traditional massage, and eat exotic and unusual food until your heart’s delight. Also, it is where you can find the most sumptuous and authentic dumplings in the city!

7- Learn trapeze

To make the best out of your travel, why not learn something new and fun like trapeze? The good thing about being in New York is that the city offers short-term classes of various kinds. One of the institutions that offer trapeze classes is the Trapeze School New York (TSNY), which offers classes ranging from beginners to advanced students. You can learn flying trapeze, trampoline, silks, and aerobatics. Just sign up and start gliding in the air!


6- Visit Chrysler Building

At Lexington Avenue, one of the grandest buildings located in the area is the William Van Allen’s Chrysler Building. And in a city abundant with skyscrapers, it would be disappointing not to lounge in one – especially in New York’s most popular Art Deco skyscraper! Although it is not the tallest building anymore, it still remains the tallest brick building.

You can lounge in its elegant interiors and be amazed at its architecture. At night, you can witness the cityscape and skyline.

5- Ride the Staten Island Ferry

Ride your way to New York! If commuting in trains is too much for you, why not ride in serene tranquility in the Staten Island Ferry. Enjoy a low-key travel while enjoying yourself with a cheaper (but nonetheless the same) drink together with other tourists.

This way, you will be able to really mingle with the locals and tourists alike. Plus, with an unobstructed view, you can grasp more of the city’s skyline and even the Statue of Liberty! A simple way to get better pictures as souvenirs!

4- Free Salsa classes

Two words: free and salsa. What more can you ask for? If you are tired of walking around the city or you’re done visiting its famous landmarks, it is time to learn something new by enrolling yourself to salsa classes. Although there are paid salsa classes all over the city, there are also free ones for those tight in budget.

At the SOB, one of the city’s most prestigious Latin clubs, just west of SoHo, they offer free salsa classes every Friday from 7 pm. Although, men have to pay a $10 entrance fee which covers both the class the start of the nightclub later on. Women, on the other hand, can get in free!

3- Stroll at High Line

Enjoying New York does not mean having to spend much because you can still enjoy what the city has to offer for free. An example of that is by having a romantic stroll at the High Line. It is an elegant elevated park that runs along the old freight train line between the 11th and 34th streets, turning it into a green space.

Plus, if you were just around the historic Brooklyn Bridge, the High Line is just a MetroCard swipe away. You can lounge around the sits while enjoying the view of the city!


2- Create your own pizza

If there is anything that New York is most known for, it would probably be its New York-style pizza. And you can have it every day in your own home by actually learning how to make one! At the Pizza a Casa Pizza School, you can enroll yourself to learn how to make artisanal pizzas.

And the best thing about their classes is that they do not use any fancy ingredients or high-tech equipment. That way, you can actually learn how to create and recreate a pizza to your own liking.

1- Watch TV shows live

When you are in New York, you do not watch TV shows behind a television screen – you watch them live! Being the media hub of the country, take advantage of the fact that you can actually sneak in your favorite show’s tapings and watch them in real-time. All you have to do is to visit their websites and check out any available tickets for the audience.

Some of these shows include Good Morning America, The View, The Daily Show, The Rachel Ray Show, and many more. Plus, with so many TV series being filmed in the city, you can just bump into one while walking around!

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