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Roughly 48 years back a Mothman was seen in the Point Pleasant area of West Virginia. A report published in the Point Pleasant Register on November 16, 1966, read “Couples See Man-Sized Bird…Creature…Something”. 

The Mothman is a legendary moth-like creature who was introduced by Gray Barker in 1970. In 2002, its film adaptation, The Mothman Prophecies was practically based on the book The Mothman Prophecies by John Keel. 

Below are ten common explanations for this legendary character which was related to a wide array of supernatural events in West Virginia.

10- Barn Owl

One explanation about the Mothman with regards to its physical properties is that its resemblance with that of a common barn owl.

Like the bird, Mothman is described to be like a “large bird with red eyes” which is similar to that of a barn owl’s eyes that give the flying bird an odd and startling appearance. Mothman is also known to send out a kind of screaming sound which barn owls are also known, it also creates a shree scream and ear-shattering sound at close range.


9- Alien

When several sightings of Mothman were reported beginning in 1966, paranormal investigator, John Keel described the Mothman in his book, Mothman Prophecies as mysterious energy fields, glowing orbs, weird animal behaviors/disappearances technology failures, loss of time as well as to the film ”Men in Black” about extraterrestrial lifeforms or aliens who makes threatening inquisitions as they visit a place in town. The same goes for UFO folklore that Mothman is just a kind of alien that only exists in people’s minds.

8- Thunderbird

According to some old folks, there was some artifact found that has some resemblance to that of the Mothman. The artifact is in the Indian Museum in Harvard Massachusetts. The artifact was labeled Thunderbird- a huge bird-like creature that is known by old Americans to kill and eat humans.

With a little discrepancy, the structure of the body of the artifact has ahead, and a Mothman was depicted as having no head. According to legends the Thunderbird is a giant walking bird, with glowing eyes, has claws, lion-like beard, horns and it feeds on animals and small children.

There were some reports of a winged human-like creature in some European sightings. In Sweden, there was a report about a huge headless human-like bird in 1946. Some teenagers in England back in 1963 saw a human-sized bird with bat wings.

7- Mutant Bird

The Mothman according to legend was first seen in some munitions during World War II. It was seen by two lovers in a secluded area of the munition. It was believed that the area has too many chemicals stored and that overtime some chemical reactions have some adverse effect on creatures within the zone, causing them to mutate.

A Sandhill Crane, was believed to have strayed in the area, and the bird mutated, just like Bruce mutated into a green hulk in the Marvel-The Incredible Hulk.


6- Angel

The Mothman sightings in Mount Pleasant was linked to some tragic events, like the destruction of the Silver Bridge over the River of Ohio, connecting Point Pleasant, West Virginia and Gallipolis. This tragedy has caused many deaths, the Mothman sighting was also linked to a man named Indrid Cold.

This man came from nowhere, was believed to have telepathic capabilities, and once predicted a plane crash, that killed several people. Some believed that the Mothman was either foretelling these tragedies or creating them.

5- Hoax

The birth of the Mothman was brought to us by Gary Barker in his 1970’s book The Silver Bridge. Gary Barker is a writer expert on the UFOs, flying saucers, and other paranormal occurrences. He is famous for his books about flying objects and the concept of the Men in Black. He was known to have participated in conning UFO investigators for financial gain.

He was also known to have associated with John Keel, a Journalist, and UFOlogist, who have authored The Mothman Prophecies in 1975. Now there was a great chance that John Keel was also duped by Baker into writing a complete book about the Mothman.

4- Faulty Perception

Some eyewitnesses who described what they saw- a flying object, UFO, a bird-like human, and glowing red eyes tend to believe it’s real based on what they perceived as reality.

Which in most cases is wrong, and was only a result of them being easily fooled or manipulated. Not everyone is a reliable witness unless you see it yourself, the Mothman stays unreal.

3- Man with Wings

According to some sightings around 1878 in Brooklyn New York. There was a flying man in black doing acrobatics on-air at Coney Island, it was a human winged creature, not a bird. The flying man became a local sensation, making swimming-like movements in bat wings.

The ikals- tiny black men in Mexico, who live in caves have the ability to fly and they kidnap humans. In India, the Garuda, the giant bird as part of mythology, the gods Vishnu and Krishna traveled around the heavens on the back of a great Garuda.


2- Flying Machine

Another sighting was near Morrow Bay, California on December 30, 1946, was witnessed by an American writer Ella Young.

She described what she saw as a flying machine with a black bat-like appearance. Another sighting in January 1948, by Mrs. Bernard Zailowski, heard a “sizzling and whizzing” and saw a man with silver wings maneuvering about 200 feet above her barn in Chehalis, Washington.

Similar sightings four months later by two laundry workers in Longview, Washington, they reported seeing a trio of “birdmen” circling the city at an altitude of 250 feet.

1- The Unknown

There are some things that cannot be explained, and better left unexplored. Despite the many sightings of the Mothman, its origin and purpose still remain unknown to us.

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