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It is always fun to hang out with friends and have a drink or maybe two…okay fine let’s admit, it feels good to get really drunk sometimes-l0l- and the best part is… the drinking games that come with it. So invite some friends over and bring some booze (but no drugs), a deck of cards, duct tape, ping pong balls, party cups, some more booze and let loose, now get the party started.

10- Flip, Sip, or Strip!

This is pretty basic drinking game played by 3 or more people, but best with 3 (just so the game ends quickly). Each player will take turns flipping a coin and while it’s in the air, call heads or tails. If you guess correctly, you pass the coin to the next player on your right.

If you guess wrong, the player on your left flips next. The player who guesses wrong either takes a shot or removes an article of clothing (a pair equals one item). But wait the fun doesn’t stop there, you can’t choose the same option, more than twice in a row, so either sip or strip.


9- Quarters

Best played by 3-6 people. Establish the mechanics, decide who will go first, next and so on, decide on the amount of beer per shot. Then players take turns shooting quarters to bounce into a glass of beer at the center of the table. When the quarters goes into the glass, the shooter picks from the 6 players to take a drink either from the glass containing the quarter or from another glass.

The shooter’s turn is over when he/she misses a shot and will pass the quarters on to the next player. Or the shooter could make another attempt after a miss, if he still misses the second attempt, there’s a penalty drink. A player could make up a rule after 3 hits.


Best played by 5-8 people, shuffle a deck of cards and lay them out all face down over the table. Each player picks one card at a time. Each card represents a rule. Rules: Ace: Take one drink. 2: Drink two glasses. 3: Three glasses. 4: Questions – ask any player any question, that person must answer with a question, and so on until one person messes up. 5: Give five drinks. 6: I never-This is where the person who flipped the card says something they have never done and anyone who has must drink.

7: Thumbmaster – This person puts his thumb down on the table whenever he wants and everyone must do so and the last one who puts his thumb, drinks. The thumb master can do this as many times as he wants until the next seven is picked. 8: Categories – done in rotation, the first person gives a topic/category and everyone else give a related word Ex: Booze:

each player can say Heineken, Coors light, ale etc. 9: Rhyme – the player gives out a word and everyone must give a word that rhymes with it. Ex: beer, deer, clear etc. 10: Everyone drinks. Jack: Only the men drink. Queen: Only the women drink.

7- Edward 40 Hands

The mechanics of this fun game is pretty easy and simple. This drinking game requires two 40 oz. of beer, or malt liquor and a duct tape. Duct taped each beer to your friends hands, and that’s it. Start drinking till your 80 oz. is empty, the first one who emptied two bottles wins.

This means that you can’t use your hands for anything until you finished both bottles. Now, you’d be asking how would you empty your bladder with those bottles duct-taped to your hands? That’s where the real challenge is, either you peed on your pants or have a friend pulled down that zipper for you.

6- Power Hour

This drinking game is simple, and best played by large groups. You need lots of beer, shot glass for each one and a timer (just so the whole group is in sync when taking the shot) take a drink every minute for an hour.

So that is 60 drinks in 60 minutes, if you’d like some more challenge added to just taking a shot every minute (which I highly doubt you’d last 30 seconds), you could make up some rules. Like increasing the amount of beer each minute or replacing beer with vodka, or whisky.


5- California Kings

To start this interesting game, you need a deck of cards spread face-down around a large cup. Draw in clockwise, players take a card one at a time until the last king is drawn and the player drinks the center cup.

A “drink” is a normal sip. Ace – Social – the player who draws this card, propose a toast and everyone drinks. 2-6 – Black (Clubs & Spades) – if you get 2 of spades, you consume 2 drinks, if you get 5 of clubs, you consume 5 drinks. 2-6 – Red (Hearts & Diamonds) – Give the card’s value in drinks. The total may be split-up between multiple players. 7 – Waterfall – Everybody begins to chug. You can’t stop until the person to your right has stopped.

He/she who draws may stop first. 8 – Thumb Master – place your thumb on the edge of the table anytime, everyone must follow and the last person to do so drinks. 9 – Rhyme – take turns in giving a word that rhymes, if you miss or repeat a word you drink. 10 – Category – each one names an item in a category, the one who miss, can’t think or repeat a word drinks.

Jack – Guys drink – A toast is often included. Queen – Ladies drink – A toast is often included. King – the one who draws a king pours his drink to the large cup at the center. The player who pulls the fourth or last king drinks the center cup and ends the game.

4- Flip Cup

What you need for this game are plastic party cups and two teams. Each player has to drink the cup, set it on the edge of the table and flip it using one finger. The next player can only start when the first player has successfully flipped the cup to the upside-down position. The team who have successfully flipped all their cups first wins.

3- Boxing

Two people play this game just like a boxing match. So you need a stop watch, 2 shot glasses, 4 people, 2 dice, and some booze. The other 2 persons act as corner man of each boxer. Roll the dice and the lowest to score takes a punch and takes the shot.

The corner man fills the empty glass and then roll the dice again. Each match vary from 3 minutes to five, establish this before you start.


2-The Name Game

One of the best drinking games played by more than 5 people. Everyone sits in a circle, each has a drink. One person starts by giving a name of someone famous and the next person to the right gives out another famous name that starts with the letter of the last name of the first famous name mentioned.

Example: The first player mentions Angelina Jolie, next person should say a name that starts with the letter “J”- so it could be Jennifer Lopez, the third person should say a name that starts with the letter “L” example Lady Gaga and so on.

You must be sipping while thinking of a name. If the first letter of the first and last name is the same, for example: January Jones, then the direction around the circle changes. If a single word name was given, the next person may use the same letter or another one-word name.

Example: Akon, next name could be Antonio Banderas or Madonna and the game goes on. If a person gives a three word-name example: Sarah Michelle Gellar, then everyone gets to drink and the next person could say George Washington.

1- Beer Pong

This is the most common drinking game that everyone loves, this is best played by two groups. You will need ping pong balls, a long table, 22 plastic party cups, and some beers. Arrange the cups on the edge of the table in a form of a triangle.

Each team stands on each side with 10 cups filled with beer in front of them. The other 2 cups filled with water on each side as rinse cups each time the ping pong ball lands on the floor. Each team takes turns in shooting a ping pong ball to the opponent’s cup.

The opponent drinks whatever cup the ping pong ball landed and removes the cup. The losing team ends up drinking all their drinks as well as the beer of the winning side.

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