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If you are always traveling and living at hotels on an almost-permanent basis, you may find that almost all luxurious hotels are the same – same lavish service, same facilities, and the same interior designs. But there are also a few amazing hotels which offer a one-of-a-kind experience.

These hotels have unique interiors and mindblowing architectures! The most amazing hotel is the Mirrorcube Tree Hotel in Sweden, an aluminum box suspended around a tee trunk and covered in one-way mirrors.

It is made from lightweight aluminum 4 x 4 x 4-meter box, which can accommodate at least two people at a time. Discover the most amazing hotels in the world in this collection!


10- Marmara Antalya, Turkey

The Marmara Antalya in Turkey is considered as the first-ever revolving hotel in the world. It boasts of 208 rooms with a spectacular overlooking view at the Mediterranean Sea, Taurus Mountains, and the city of Antalya.

How can it afford so many views? Simply because it has a spinning 24-room loft, which offers its guests a constantly changing view from night today. It also has a floating pool run by almost six motors in order for it to do a 360-degree turn throughout the day in intervals. Now that is innovation!

9- Nhow Berlin, Germany

Fresh and funky! That is how you can describe the Nhow Berlin Hotel in Germany. What makes this hotel amazing is that it celebrates music; hence, it is all about bold statements, fluid movements, and cheery interiors with a modern and unique vibe.

It has 304 rooms and suites where guests can choose pink, blue, or grey rooms – all with matching floors, too! This”digi-pop” style was designed by the famous designer Karim Rashid.

8- Kokopelli’s Cave Bed and Breakfast, New Mexico

Located at Farmingon, New Mexico the Kokopelli’s Cave Bed and Breakfast was established in 1980. It is a one-bedroom cave lodge that was blasted out of a cliffside, with three holes drilled into it just enough to accommodate ventilation and electricity.

Why is it amazing? Aside from its natural architecture, the bed and breakfast is situated 100 feet below the ground. This means that it can only be accessed via a steep cliff and a ladder.

7- Attrap Reves, France

Want to enjoy camping outdoors but with the luxury of hotel rooms? Then the Attrap Reves in France is the perfect accommodation for you! This is also referred to as the Bubble Hotel because instead of concrete rooms, it offers giant glass bubbles where guests can enjoy a night under the stars.

It was established in February 2010 and has since been especially in demand for couples who want to have a romantic retreat in a unique way. If the transparency is too much and you want privacy, half of the bubble may also be covered so as to keep the top visible.


6- Ice Hotel, Sweden

Located at Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, the Ice Hotel is the largest hotel made from snow and ice in the world. Guests literally use facilities and sleep in a bed of snow and ice! Inside, the hotel is complete with rooms, a bar, and even a chapel in temperature roughly minus five degrees Celsius.

And since it is inevitable for the snow to melt at the hot season, the entire building of the hotel is rebuilt over and over again every year by November. It is like being on a different (but same) hotel every year!

5- Palacio de Sal, Bolivia

Located at Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia, on the other hand, is made out of pure salt! The hotel boasts of a living room, a dining room, 15 bedrooms, and even a bar made out of salt. The tin roof and the toilets are the only materials in the hotel not made of salt.

How is the building made? Salt blocks are hurled from the nearby salt plains and cemented together by using a cement-like mixture made out of salt and water. The only request of the owners is for the guests not to lick and try to taste the walls!

4- Jules Underwater Lodge, Florida

Located at Key Largo, Florida, the Jules Underwater Lodge was originally a research laboratory transformed into the world’s first-ever underwater hotel. The entire accommodation is secured by stilts standing 5 feet off the floor of a tropical lagoon.

Around it, aquatic wildlife freely swim around – even together with the guests! In order for the guests to get to the lodge, they have to dive 21 feet below the water surface and through the floor of the lodge. Because of the compressed air, the water does not rise up and flood the rooms.

3- Sandcastle Hotel, United Kingdom

Located at Weymouth, United Kingdom, the Sandcastle hotel looks like a dream come true for people who had been creating sandcastles during their childhood. It was opened in July 2008 until the next rainstorm hit the area and ruined it.

It was made by a team of four sculptors who worked sleeplessly for 14 days to create this masterpiece, using roughly 1100 tons of sand. A night in this unique hotel only costs 15 dollars, although guests have to be warned that it does not have an indoor toilet!

2- Giraffe Manor, Kenya

Instead of the sound of the waves splashing against the shore, how about a giraffe poking through the window to wake you up? In Nairobi, Kenya, you can actually experience that by staying at the Giraffe Manor Hotel.

It is an elegant six-room hotel, based on a Scottish hunting lodge, made by owners who are so fond of giraffes. Because of that, their own giraffe residents are free to join the guests while dining through an open window. Guests can feed these giraffes while having their breakfast!


1- Mirrorcube Tree Hotel, Sweden

Futuristic and innovative, the Mirrorcube Tree Hotel is basically an aluminum box suspended around a tee trunk and covered in one-way mirrors. It is situated in Harads, Sweden, and is the coolest hotel in the world! It is made from lightweight aluminum 4 x 4 x 4-meter box, which can accommodate at least two people at a time.

Inside, it features a double bed, a living room, a small bathroom, and even a roof terrace! In order to get in, the cabin is accessed via a rope bridge that is connected to the next tree. And because it is covered by one-way mirrors, the cabin is like camouflaged in the forest while guests have a 360-degree view from the inside!

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