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10 Most Bizarre Restaurants Around the World

Restaurants are the usual indicators of the hospitality and customs of a particular place or country. Delicious food, excellent service, and dining atmosphere are often the criteria to rate certain dining experiences. But the restaurants on this list hit nowhere near the “star” from the Michelin Red Guide. 

Some of these restaurants feature the most exotic types of dishes, that are served the weirdest kind of way, in a most bizarre plating. Not to mention some dining locations prove to be a bit odd and dangerous for the guests. Imagine dining while suspended 165 feet above the ground, just don’t drop your steak knife. For the brave and adventurous ones, have your meals cooked and served by convicts or dine at the world’s first toilet-inspired restaurant. See the 10 Most Bizarre Restaurants Around the World.

10- Opaque Restaurant, Los Angeles California

The chefs in this restaurant fascinate their patrons by the scrumptious smell of their dishes, just like other restaurants in town do, but there’s a twist, you dine in the dark. So, forget about the artistic embellishments on the plate, because this restaurant serves dishes you wouldn’t see, but will surely enjoy.

Clients literally do not see their food and use only the three senses- taste, smell, and touch to enjoy the food. Opaque is not recommended for those who are afraid of the dark. Customers here eat in pitch-black dining hall with only four senses to guide them through. The originality of the concept was inspired to raise awareness about blindness, but some say the food is always delectable.

10 Most Bizarre Restaurants Around the World
10 Most Bizarre Restaurants Around the World

Darkness actually makes the guests appreciate their food a whole lot better. Waiters here wear special glasses allowing them to see in the dark when waiting tables. A restaurant like this can also be found in New York, San Diego, Dallas, Montreal, and London.

9- Guolizhuang Restaurant, Beijing China

The world’s first known Penis Restaurant can be found in Beijing China. The Restaurant specializes in cooking dishes of male genitalia from various animals mainly ox, yak, deer, sheep, snake, and seal. Chinese believe that there are several nutritional benefits in these kinds of dishes.

The dishes are cooked to order and some are served table-side. A snake penis dish was believed to be good for the kidneys, by some Chinese serving them as part of fish soup. They also serve fried deer penis and soup out of sea horse and tortoise. The restaurant is the living proof of an old saying “Chinese people will eat anything with four legs, except tables.”

Chinese believe animal genitalia is good for women’s skin while increasing potency in men. Some of their wines have extracts of heart, penis, and blood of deer, which has a Viagra-like effect in men.

8- Hajime Robot Restaurant, Thailand

Hajime Restaurant is a Japanese restaurant based in Bangkok that specializes in Yakiniku barbecue. Customers here are greeted, assisted, and served by high-tech and Sci-Fi cooks and waiters. The futuristic diner is the world’s first restaurant that features bots as chefs and waiters.

The samurai-warrior bots are worth $1 million, and they all do the hard work: take orders, cook the meals, serve and wait tables. They even entertain, by dancing when the food is served. There are few human staff to oversee the process.

7- Hadaka Sushi, West Hollywood California

This restaurant in West Hollywood knows how to please the gentlemen. Hadaka restaurant serves one of men’s favorite dishes-sushi. It specializes “body sushi”, a Japanese practice of serving sashimi or sushi from the naked body of a female model. Here, clients who order sushi or sashimi get served with “free desserts for the eyes” as well.

The raw fish dishes are carefully laid on banana leaves, served on the naked body of a woman for the gentlemen, and a man for the ladies. This bizarre Japanese tradition had supposedly originated in the local mafia. The only difference is that at Hadaka Sushi, flowers cover all the beautiful areas of the naked body. This adults-only restaurant in West Hollywood is one of the few dining places in the world where Nyotaimori is practiced.

6- Devil Island Prison, China

The restaurant’s owner wanted to raise awareness on the hardships of prison life and detention. His inspiration was the country’s Devil Island Prison when he opened this restaurant. This diner was designed just like a detention facility. Upon entering the restaurant, customers are welcomed by staff in a “processing” area.

10 Most Bizarre Restaurants Around the World
10 Most Bizarre Restaurants Around the World

Just like in prison, they are photographed, are allocated an inmate number tag, are fingerprinted, and handcuffed. The waiters in jail guard uniforms escort them to their cell, where a simple metal table awaits. All furnishings inside replicate a classic prison facility.

5- Ithaa Underwater Restaurant, Maldives

One of the most creative dining places in the world was built 16 feet underwater in the heart of the Indian Ocean. Inside the transparent acrylic capsule, clients could see spectacular views of the marine life of the Maldives. The restaurant was built within the vicinity of a blue lagoon offering an out-of-this-world panoramic view of the sea creatures and coral reef. The Ithaa Underwater Restaurant is part of the Conrad Complex on Rangali Island in the Maldives.

This $5 million project is a seven-tabled diner and is the world’s first aquarium-style underwater diner. The restaurant signature dish is the Crab Tower with ciabatta and truffle mayonnaise, while the crème de la crème is a four-course contemporary fusion Maldivian menu. They also serve European and Asian cuisine.

4- Yellow Treehouse, New Zealand

This restaurant near Auckland, New Zealand took only 66 days to complete. The diner enveloping the tree was made from environmentally-friendly materials. The Yellow Treehouse is a 30 seater pod-shaped diner, which hangs from a redwood tree 32 feet above the ground. The restaurant can be accessed through an elevated redwood walkway. At night the Yellow Treehouse restaurant is illuminated by a series of soft colored lights, while fresh forest air and sunlight showers the restaurant during the day.

3- Modern Toilet Restaurant, Taiwan

Marton Theme Restaurant in Taipei is the world’s first restaurant to feature a toilet-themed diner. Clients sit on toilet-inspired seats while a bathtub covered by a glass sheet replaces the conventional table. The food especially the soup is served on a toilet-inspired pot, with miniature WC or sink-inspired bowls for individual serving.

The unusual theme was a success, resulting in the launching of several chains throughout Taiwan. Toilet paper is used instead of napkins. Everything inside Modern Toilet Restaurant replicates a toilet and bathroom. They even feature desserts in miniature bidet, genius!

2- Dinner in the Sky

This restaurant “kind-of” is not an actual restaurant as there’s no fixed location. The “dinner in the sky” could be anywhere as long as there is a surface of approximately 500 m² that can be secured. This original concept is already a success in several European countries and in the United States.

Dinner in the Sky involves a platform that can accommodate up to 22 guests, a chef, a waiter, and an entertainer. Clients buckle up their seat belts as the platform suspended from a crane is elevated 165 feet above the ground. The two-meal dining experience offers a 360 degrees view of famous cities like Paris, Brussels, Dubai, and even the Niagara Falls.

10 Most Bizarre Restaurants Around the World
10 Most Bizarre Restaurants Around the World

Make sure you use the restroom before you go up, if you have to go, the whole platform has to go down with you. This entire eight-hour sky-high dining experience costs up to $30,000 depending on the location.

1- Fortezza Medicea, Italy

This restaurant hit the top spot on this list, as the risk of dying while dining is as high as getting mobbed in the streets of Venezuela. Unlike the restaurant in China, this Italian restaurant is located exactly inside an old prison facility. The Fortezza Medicea is a 500-year-old maximum-security prison in Volterra near Pisa.

This maximum detention facility houses the most dangerous convicts who are serving 25 years to life. And they wait tables on the side, you read it right, they will be serving your food. Bruno, a piano player serving a life sentence for murder entertains the guests on the background. To assure safety, guests use plastic utensils and cutlery.

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