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The  Social Progress Index measures the multiple dimensions of social progress, success, and human welfare in general. Based on the 2014′s SPI’s 100-point personal safety index: on “a 0-100″ point scale where the safest countries score nearer 100, Iceland topped the list at 93.45, Sweden scored 93.35, Switzerland and Norway tied at 92.75, and Denmark at 92.56. 

The United Kingdom at 83.41. and the United States scored 77.70. Now we’ve picked out 10 of the most unsafe places based on the results: Iraq is the most unsafe place to be this year, Iraq scored 21.52 out of 100. Nigeria- 23.57, Venezuela scored 27.55, the Central African Republic at 29.41. South Africa 30.90, Chad scored 31.97, the Dominican Republic scored 32.90. Honduras at 33.94, Mexico at 34.61, and Sudan at 37.25. Check out the list below.


10- Sudan

Almost half of Sudan’s citizens live on less than $1.25 US a day, making them one of the “hungriest” nations in the world, and one of the most populous living mostly in slums. Ethnic strife, slavery and corruption are widespread in this country. Around 2 million Sudanese have died to civil war and famine in 1983. Nowadays, terror still lives on, widespread killings, rape, torture, robbery and recruitment of child soldiers are very rampant in Sudan.

9- Mexico

Despite its booming tourism and abundant historical landmarks Mexico is not exactly the place to be, safety is not guaranteed in some parts of the country . Mexican drug cartels are the most notorious in this part of the world. According to studies more than 100,000 people in the urban communities in the southern part of Mexico sought employment from the cartels. Drug wars and related violence are rampant, with homicide rate nearly three times the world average: over 60,000 deaths and 20,000 missing.

8- Honduras

According to United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Honduras had the highest murder rate in the world, with 81 murders for every 100,000 people last year. The nation is also one of the poorest in the world according to the World Bank. When visiting Honduras, tourists were advised to stay in group and close to places guarded by security as violence could happen almost everywhere.

7- Dominican Republic

It’s a shame that this nation is no. 7 on this list, the Dominican Republic has one of the most exotic beaches and vast ecotourism. However, the Dominican Republic has become a cradle of illicit drugs and weapons run by the Colombian cartels. The nation is a trans-shipment point for Colombian drugs destined to Europe, United States, and Canada.


It was reported that 8% of all cocaine smuggled into the United States had come through the Dominican Republic. Dominican Republic’s Criminal laws imposed only light penalties on offenders, resulting in more crimes and violence.

6- Chad

Polygamy and domestic violence like female mutilation is widespread in Chad, and deeply rooted in tradition, women were not given equal opportunities like education and training. Chad remains plagued by political violence and repeated coups d’état attempts. Poverty in Chad is extremely high, most of its citizens live in poverty as farmers, its government is also one of the most corrupt in the world.

5- South Africa

Many citizens from South Africa have fled from the country due to high crime and violence rate. According to reports around 500,000 women are raped annually in South Africa by one in every four men , making it the highest rate of sexual violence in the world. Crimes of all sorts happen almost everyday in South Africa. Some establishments resorted to employing private guards for protection.

4- Central African Republic

Thousands of Muslims are currently fleeing the Central African Republic, as Muslims were persecuted by Christian groups. Armed rebel groups and criminals of all sorts have destroyed tourism in CAR, and literally put the country in civil war. Civilian safety remains unsteady in many parts of the country. The UN and France separately put the Central African Republic on genocide watch.

3- Venezuela

Not only the most corrupt, but also one of the most dangerous places in the world. Venezuela’s crime rate did not change a bit since the death of Hugo Chavez. It is quite difficult to remedy the rooted corruption, politically-backed drug trafficking and a highly overcrowded prison system here. According to reports Venezuela is one of the most violent places in the world, with 1 violent killing in every 21 minutes which reached up to more than 200,000 violent deaths over the last 15 years alone.


2- Nigeria

The country remains socially underdeveloped, politically unstable and corrupt. Gang conflicts and violence happen mostly in the oil-rich Niger Delta region. Perpetrators range from violent civilian groups, to security forces backed by government officials. Violence, detention, child trafficking, rape, rampant drug trade, discrimination and torture happen almost everyday in the streets and civilian death tolls to thousands every year.

1- Iraq

The Cradle of Civilization, which is home to the earliest known civilization became the most dangerous place to live in. The most obvious reason for Iraq to top the list of the most dangerous places on earth- the post-war scenarios. When the United States’ forces left, violence and crime have increased in Iraq due to a lack of stable government, increased organized crime operation. Iraq may be free from terrorists but, civilian wars still continue to claim hundreds of civilian lives.

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