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In a time of New Year’s eve, almost everyone is busy writing down their New Year’s resolutions – but other people are also busy scribbling down their Bucket List. In writing a bucket list, you can write down almost anything under the sun – watch the sunrise at the beach, publish a book, buy a car, travel to Europe, learn how to cook or enroll in ballet dance lessons.

And then there are bucket list activities that can be too costly for your lifestyle, but you write them down anyway – exploring Antarctica, flying in a private jet, space travel via Virgin Galactic, trek in Bhutan, or travel to every continent! How expensive can these trips be? Read on this list of 10 Most Expensive Bucket List Activities!

10- Bhutan trekking

Known as the only Buddhist kingdom in the world, Bhutan has been a favorite location for those wanting finding happiness in nature. Actually, it is also the only country that measures its success not by its Gross National Product (GNP), but by its happiness quotient. It is sought after for its spectacular monasteries located in mountains, including the Himalayas.

Getting into Bhutan alone can be quite difficult because the country limits its visitors so as not to spoil its resources. But there are packages offering hiking adventures, cultural adventures, and volunteerism trips. This includes being adopted by local villagers!


9- Tour de France cycling

If you are into cycling, probably the first in your list is joining the annual Tour de France, where you can either cycle in the event’s routes or just watch the world’s top riders compete during the event. Basically, it is like the Super Bowl in cycling, although much more expensive.

A week-long trip can cost more than $6,000. This trip includes luxurious accommodations, a prime spot on the roadside where you will be watching unobstructed from the crowd, and even a private skybox to watch the race the following day. And, of course, this would not be complete with sumptuous meals accompanied by the best champagne!

8- East African Safari adventure

When watching the National Geographic Channel is not sufficient anymore, why not immerse yourself to the real world and enjoy your very own East African Safari adventure! As compared to South Africa, East Africa offers more open and less restricted parks where you can interact with the animals.

Plus, you can enjoy concluding your trip with a sunrise hot air balloon ride and watch the massive wildlife beneath you. Among the tours, the Micato Safari is probably the largest and most expensive since a 12-day trip can cost more than $8,400. With this package, you can even experience VIP visits from anthropologists and scientists!

7- Travel to every continent

There is no such thing as too much traveling, and in creating your own bucket list why not go all the way by trying to visit every continent in the world? It might seem too ambitious, but that is the purpose of your list, right?

But one thing is for sure, it will be very expensive! Although air travel has become a lot cheaper nowadays, you will still have to finance your accommodations, daily meal allowances, casual souvenirs, tour packages, travel fees, and other miscellaneous expenses. Plus, it is time-consuming, which can be very difficult for those who have very important jobs.


6- Travel with Six Star Cruises

Recently, Six Star Cruises has launched the most expensive luxury cruise in the world amounting to $1.6 million for a 124-trip – which means that it costs almost $12,000 a day! And that price is only pegged for only a couple!

The Silver Whisper cruise will be departing from Los Angeles to travel to 28 countries, including New Zealand, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritius, and French Polynesia. The lucky couple will be staying in the Royal Suite, which includes two bedrooms over a massive 1,000 sq ft, two marble bathrooms, and a separate dining and bar area with two verandas!

Even the transfers alone are very luxurious and in-flight food includes Beluga caviar, Da Hong Pao Tea, and Dom Perignon Rosi champagne.

5- Explore Antarctica

Antarctica remains one of the most unexplored continents in the world and a short trip to this continent will surely be a lifetime’s worth. One of the most trusted tour operators in Antarctica is the Polar Explorers, which has been operating guided polar explorations for two decades already with impeccable safety record.

They offer various tour options for visitors which includes flying to the Pole where visitors can enjoy sightseeing, cross country ski for the last 20 kilometers, and a 60-day ski recreation! However, this can be quite expensive as it is pegged for a whopping price of at least $40,000!

4- Climb Mount Everest

In 1924, the Mountain Everest was first climbed by an English team, Mallory and Irvine. Since then, thousands of climbers have followed their lead and it seems that the number will keep on increasing. Upon the advent of a more advanced technology, it has made the climb easier and safer to adventurers. Climbing the tallest mountain in the world has its downsides, which includes being costly.

An attempt to climb the mountain can cost more than $100,000 because climbers need to gear up with special and expensive equipment, spend for transportation, hire guides, and spend for daily allowances for their food and shelter.

3- Fly in a Private Jet

When it comes to air travel, there is nothing more luxurious than flying in a jet of your own – away from the crowded commercial planes and served with sumptuous five-star meals. An in-country flight, however, can cost for more than $10,000, but it gets cheaper in certain months and seasons like January or February.

Private jet services include spa treatments, wireless internet connection, spectacular entertainment facilities, and luxurious meals. It is an excellent start for luxurious travels to Paris, Rome, or Las Vegas!


2- Ride the Orient Express

When it comes to land travel, there could not be more luxurious travel than riding in the Orient Express. The Orient Express is a range of trains that travel all over the world providing its passengers with the best rail travel luxury. It was founded in 1883 and has been known since then for its lavish facilities and luxurious services.

You can ride in the original carriages from the 1920s, especially when you are travelling to cities in Europe. The prices for the Orient Express trip depend on the cities you are traveling to, the length of your stay, and the train you will be riding.

1- Space flight on Virgin Galactic

When you are done with traveling the world by sea or by land, why not bring your travel to the next level by booking a space flight via the Virgin Galactic! Tickets for space travel can cost more than $200,000. Aside from that, you will also have to undergo a few days of preparation along with the flight crew.

And once you are in space, you can finally experience what it feels like without any gravity to pull you down. You can practically swim in the air in your room cabin! Certainly, this trip will rob your pockets, but a once-in-a-lifetime experience like this will be worth every penny.

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