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It can no longer be denied that more and more people are joining the Bitcoins craze. And with the increasing demand from its investors, numerous online services and a good number of businesses are already adopting this revolutionary eCommerce. When it comes to online services – like online travel agencies, online marketplaces, online dating sites, and online pizza delivery services – the Bitcoin currency is becoming the mainstream currency.

However, when it comes to real-time businesses, there are only a few good entrepreneurs who are willing to take the risk – like barber Josh Arias, the University of Nicosia, and the Virgin Galactic space flights of Richard Branson. Discover more in this list of 10 Places to spend your Bitcoins!

10- CheapAir

If you want to travel abroad, you can arrange your flight via CheapAir and pay using Bitcoins! The CheapAir website is the first online travel agency that accepts Bitcoins as payments for their flight booking services. It was only recently when their CEO Jeff Klee approved Bitcoin payments and the company already received more than $6,800 in their bitcoin sales. Although because of the high volatility of bitcoins, travelers cannot really benefit much from the exchange.


9- PizzaForCoins

Are you a fan of using the services of online pizza deliveries? Now, with the use of Bitcoins, you can already order yummy pizzas from any of the nearby pizza places like Domino’s, Papa Johns, or Pizza Hut via PizzaForCoins. Basically, they will order for you and all you have to do is pay and enjoy your slice.

This is a recent innovation so it is made available within the United States and Australia only. However, the service will soon be extended to the United Kingdom and Canada as well.

8- University Of Nicosia, Cyprus

Considered as the first ever university to accept Bitcoins as payment, University of Nicosia, a private university in Cyprus, made a great step by announcing that they will begin accepting Bitcoins as payment for tuition and other miscellaneous fees. This move was done in order to cater the increasing demand by its international students who face difficulty n accessing traditional banking services. Once the Bitcoins payment is accepted, the university immediately converts it to Euros to avoid currency fluctuation.

7- OKCupid

The most famous online dating site, OKCupid, is already ready to accept Bitcoin payments from their clients and patrons, according to its CEO Sam Yagan. The site recently joined team with Coinbase, a service provider for buying and selling Bitcoin. Now, their members can pay their monthly fees and charges in virtual currency, depending on its current value in the market. Such fee includes exclusive perks like ad-free browsing and increased storage capacity. We bet this news is used a common conversation starter!

6- Plastic surgery in Miami

Now, those fond with plastic surgery in Miami can also use Bitcoins as payment. Although not all plastic surgeons are up for this revolutionary eCommerce yet, numerous doctors are already joining the bandwagon. Because of this, it only strengthened the legitimacy of the virtual currency. One of the clinics that accept Bitcoins is the popular Vanity Cosmetic Surgery, which is the largest cosmetic surgery center in Florida.


5- Coingig

If, in the past, we have Amazon and Ebay, now Bitcoin investors have Coingig. Coingig is an online platform which works like Amazon, Ebay, and other online retail stores – but solely accepts Bitcoins as payment. It is the largest online marketplace for Bitcoin clients. It offers wide variety of goods and services, and also conducts international shipment depending on their individual sellers. Another similar website is the BuyByBitcoins by Karl Edwards, although it still accepts other legal tenders aside from digital currency.

4- CoinMap

Aside from buying goods and services, you can also dine out and pay your meals using Bitcoins! Although it is still quite uncommon today for restaurants and major retail stores to accept Bitcoins, there are a good number of them that already joined the bandwagon.

This includes the Veggie Galaxy, Lean Crust in Brooklyn, and Firehouse BBQ in Salt Lake City. If you want a comprehensive list for that, you can visit CoinMap. It displays more than 900 businesses across the world that accept Bitcoins, including London, Mexico, and Pennsylvania.

3- All Things Luxury

If you have too many Bitcoins to spare, why not indulge in luxurious jewelry? The online shop All Things Luxury already accepts Bitcoins as payments from their customers. With a wide selection of jewelry that they carry – whether it is a necklace, ring, or bracelet – it would not be a problem choosing one.

And with their seamless checkout service using Bitcoins, buying jewelry from the shop becomes easier. On the other hand, if you are looking for luxurious antiques, you can check out the website of Aspire Auctions, where you can bid using Bitcoins.


2- Haircut by Josh Arias

In need of a haircut but you only have a few bitcoins at hand? Your man would be the popular barber Josh Arias from Reno, Nevada. His service costs $18 and you can pay that through Bitcoins. Like any other business, he started accepting Bitcoins when one of this customers requested if he can pay in digital currency. Without any hassles like merchant fees, Arias actually prefers his clients to pay him with Bitcoins.

1- Virgin Galactic space flights

Are commercial flights too much a cliche for you? Why not use your Bitcoins to buy commercial space flights? Entrepreneur Richard Branson recently announces that clients of his Virgin Galactic Space Flights can now pay using the digital currency. All you need are 277 Bitcoins, amounting to almost $250,000 or £150,000. He also added that a future astronaut, a female flight attendant from Hawaii, already used it to pay for her own space flight with the company.

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