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Not only people are arrested and detained in jails, but even animals are arrested for their own negligent acts! The most common reason for arresting animals is because they are charged with espionage since it was a practice before to use animals as spies against the enemy country.

Some of these “animal agents” are a vulture flying over Saudi Arabia in 2011, a team of 14 squirrels captured along the border of Iran, and a stork detained in Egypt. However, there are also other animals arrested for assault and battery, for smuggling mobile phones into a prison, or for illegally eating flowers. Read on this interesting list of 10 Stories of Animals that were arrested!

10- Vulture Spy

In 2011, a vulture flying over Saudi Arabia was accused of being a spy of the Israeli Security services – a Mossad agent. The vulture was carrying a GPS tracker and tags from the Tel Aviv University and Israel Nature Service. However, the researchers claimed that they were only using the vulture to study the bird’s migratory patterns. The vulture was captured in western Sudan.


9- Spy Squirrels

Alleged animal agents come in many forms and squirrels are no exception. In Iran, a group of 14 spy squirrels were arrested by the Iranian army in 2007. The team of squirrels was found in a nearby nuclear power plant near the Iranian border, as reported by the official Islamic Republic News Agency. The squirrels were captures and charged wit espionage as they were allegedly carrying devices used for gathering information.

8- Cross-border trespasser Monkey

In 2011, the authorities from the Punjab province in Pakistan captured a monkey walking around Cholistan village in Bahawalpur. Apparently, the monkey was charged as a cross-border trespasser, after having traveled all the way from India.

At first, the authorities tried to capture him in Bahawalpur, but the monkey was able to evade them so the wildlife officials took rescue. The monkey was turned over to the Bahawalpur Zoo where he was named Bobby.

7- Donkey arrested for Assault and Battery

In 2008, a donkey-gone-wild was arrested after biting and kicking two elderly men in Chiapas, Mexico. The donkey bit Genaro Vazquez, 63 years old, who fractured his ankle.

When his friend, Andres Hernandez, tried to rescue him from the raging donkey, he was kicked and also sustained injuries. It took about 6 men to control the donkey. The donkey was detained until his owner, Mauro Gutierrez, paid for the victims’ fault. The parties ended in an amicable settlement of $420.

6- Elephant arrested for murder

Recently in January 2013, an elephant named Ramachandran went wild during a religious festival in Kerala and, as a consequence, killed three women.

The 45-year-old elephant just suddenly went wild until no one can no longer control him. It was captured and kept under the supervision and custody of the environmental department. His owner was also required to pay 30 lakh rupees for the incident. Consequently, the elephant was also banned from participating in any processions of the event within three months.


5- Parrot as member of a drug cartel

In Colombia, it became common for drug cartels to use parrots as ‘lookouts’. Almost 1,700 parrots are trained to do this kind of thing and Lorenzo, a recently captured drug cartel member, was one of them.

These parrots are trained to cry “Run, run, you’re getting caught” (ins Spanish) whenever they see police authorities approaching. When Lorenzo was caught, the police officers were also able to capture its owners together with more than 200 weapons and an enormous amount of drugs, and another two trained parrots.

4- Goat detained for Armed Robbery

Believe it or not but in 2009, a goat was arrested in Nigeria after people suspected that he is part of an armed robbery. The locals turned over the goat to the police authorities after claiming that the goat was, in fact, an armed robber who used black magic to transform himself as goat to evade arrest, after attempting to steal a Mazda car. This allegation is not uncommon in many parts of Nigeria, where many locals still belief in witchcraft.

3- Spy Swan

Another alleged spy animal is a swan which was recently detained by police officials in Egypt – although after the pictures of the arrested animal was circulated, it actually looked more like a stork than a swan. As the police authorities claim, the bird was a spy agent working for the French government.

It was initially captured by a local fisherman after noticing that the bird was carrying a suspicious electronic device, and turned over to the police station. However, the bird was later on released after an investigation concluded that the device was only used to observe the migratory patterns of the stork.


2- Car detained for smuggling in prison

Recently in June 2013, a cat was arrested by police authorities after it was caught trying to smuggle mobile phones and chargers inside a Russian prison near the Syktyvkar in Komi province.

The use of cats to smuggle goods inside prison cells is not new because of the feline’s natural agility and athleticism to climb prison walls and go through jail bars. The cat was caught after the prison officials noticed that some devices were taped on the cat’s belly while sitting atop a fence.

1- Goat arrested for eating flowers

When a goat was arrested in Sydney after eating flowers, the news instantly became an internet sensation. Named as Gary, the goat was caught eating flowers just outside of the city’s Museum of Contemporary Art. Its owner, Jim Dezarnaulds, was ordered by the court to pay a fine of 440 Australian dollars.

However, Magistrate Carolyn Barkell maintained that neither Gary nor its owner should be held liable for this incident since there was no intent on the part of the owner to bring the goat in the vicinity for him to munch on the flowers. Consequently, she also dismissed the case. The famous goat even had his own lawyer and garnered more than 16,000 likes on his own Facebook page!

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