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10 Things With More Germs Than Your Toilet Bowl!

When we think of the dirtiest areas of the house, we always point-finger to the toilet and rubbish bin. But germs and bacteria are everywhere; even in areas you think are clean, microbes linger on them. Your house is a germ hotel; even your personal things could be infested by these nasties. Microorganisms around the house are the common culprits for colds, flu, and allergy symptoms.

A study conducted in 2012 alerted people to the fact that each person in a room adds 37 million bacteria to the air every hour, with most of it coming from the ground as we walk. Germaphobes don’t panic, there are solutions and pretty basic things we could do to face the enemy head-on. Check out this list of 10 things you may not have thought about that have more germs than your toilet bowl.

10 Things With More Germs Than Your Toilet Bowl!
10 Things With More Germs Than Your Toilet Bowl!

10- Restaurant Menus

Scientists have found that 185,000 bacteria linger on average restaurant menus. Microbiologist Dr. Chuck Gerba, said “you probably have about 100 times more bacteria on that menu than you do on a typical toilet seat in the restroom.” This might put your cravings down for eating out, but try something to go or take out. Or better, always bring a bottle of hand sanitiser spray in your purse.

9- Sponges

As we wipe the filth with a sponge, bacteria and germs linger in the holes of the sponge and transfer from one surface or object to another. Changing your sponge weekly is a wise and healthful approach to keeping them bacteria-free. To disinfect try putting intense heat on it to kill the stubborn germs (microwave for two minutes) and let the dish soap sits on the moist sponge for an hour before using it.

8- Kitchen Buttons and Handles

Kitchen cupboard knobs, door handles, and faucets for obvious reasons made it into this list. How often do you wipe off doorknobs, cabinet handles, and light switches? Probably not so often, or no, not at all. Experts suggest that wiping them a once-over using disinfecting wipes will help us rid of germs.

7- Pillows

Microorganisms thrive in pillows that are damped by sweat or saliva are perfect for molds, dust mites and bacterial infestation. Changing your pillow cases and sheets often and wash them with bleach, will rid us of these bacteria. Microbes in pillows that could come in contact with our skin during sleep may pose several health risks. Some researchers have found around 30 microbes in pillows that have been culprits of skin infections like chicken pox, and leprosy.

6- Makeup Brushes

Sharing your make up is a no-no. Makeup brushes and sponges are some of the dirtiest girly stuffs we own. Like do you ever wash them or how often do you clean your makeup brushes?

10 Things With More Germs Than Your Toilet Bowl!
10 Things With More Germs Than Your Toilet Bowl!

Using dirty makeup brushes that are infested with germs and bacteria will likely to cause breakouts, acne, and skin irritation. Use a cleanser specifically for your brushes or simply wash them with mild soap and hot water. Or if you think you had them for quite a while, get new brushes.

5- Toothbrushes

While we clean our teeth, our toothbrushes tend to pick up some bacteria from our mouth. The damp toothbrush after brushing is a perfect den for bacteria infestation, not to mention it’s placed in one of the dirtiest places, our bathrooms.

The best way to store and get rid of bacteria is to wash it with warm water after use and store it with the soft bristles up so it dries faster. Our mouths contain more bacteria than any other part of our body. So always do the golden rule of personal hygiene, brush your teeth at least twice a day, floss, and gargle.

4- Keys

Even if no one shares our key, doesn’t mean it’s clean. Keys could be put in some dirty areas of the bags and even on the table. Or worst, we sometimes drop them in some oddly filthy places and we forget to disinfect them. Not to mention the valet services in some places we go, who knows what the valet had laid his hands on before and after handing your keys. Like did you ever once think of washing your keys?

3- Remotes

Everyone wants to lay hands on the remote, so it’s very unsanitary to think that anything that everyone touches is going to be a source of germs. We don’t wash the remotes, so while watching your favourite show, take a cotton swab and clean the remote with bleach or antiseptic alcohol wipes.

10 Things With More Germs Than Your Toilet Bowl!
10 Things With More Germs Than Your Toilet Bowl!

2- Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink is the dirtiest part of the kitchen, as it catches the entire germ in the room. Dish soap and cleanser do the surface cleaning but left the sink microscopically filthy with germs. Opt for bleach or disinfectant to do disinfect the sink after you have done the scrubbing.

1- Home Carpet

Carpet is one of the dirtiest decorative floor-covering in our homes. It contains about 200,000 bacteria per square inch, it also collects spores of mold and allergens. Consider having your carpets cleaned regularly, especially if you have pets. Pets tend to walk on the carpets with their nasty feet, who knows what these cuties have stepped on while they’re out on a walk.

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