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High Tech Gadgets for Weight Loss

So it would make sense that there is all kinds of high tech gadgets to assist us with our workouts and weight loss measures. Technology has advanced to the point where tech gadgets, both wearable and hand held, can track your progress and count calories burned from your workout.

The Nike Plus Sports Band sells for about $59.00 and it has a small sensor that fits into specially designed Nike shoes with a slot in them.  This sensor sends information to an iPod Nano, iPod Touch or an iPhone3GS to keep track of the pace you are keeping and distance you have run.

If you don’t have a pair of Nike shoes, you can get a specially designed pouch to put on another brand of shoes. 

The Timex Expedition WS4 has basic timing functions for your workout and also gives information on temperature, elevation and a compass. 


It would be especially useful for hikers.  You do need to calibrate this device.  It sells for about $200.00.

Coheso Calorie Smart CS-100S sells for about $80.00 and it is a hand-held calorie counter that you use by simply typing in what you are eating and it logs your calories.  It works the same way when you exercise.

You type in what you did and the duration and it tells you how many calories you burned. 

High Tech Gadgets
Weight Loss

This device is great for items such as a Big Mac, but it is not as readily informative on generic food without you doing some extra figuring.  The Gymboss Interval Timer sells for about $20.00 and it is a device that lets you know when it’s time to start or stop your workout.  It will, for example, tell you to do one more weight lift, then rest for a minute, then when to resume your workout.

This device beeps when it’s time to start or stop an activity.

At the University of Southern California, experimental devices were being designed in labs to keep track of how many minutes are spent working out, how much food is consumed and even whether a person is having fast food or spending time at the park. 

The devices are wearable and designed to get past the self reporting and see what’s really happening for overweight and obese people.  At the lab, the devices used more precise electronics and sometimes even used video cameras.

The science behind the extreme measures of such devices were designed to get a more accurate idea of what’s really happening with eating and activity so they could design a personalized plan of weight loss and management.

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