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Mafia is a type of organized crime syndicate that primarily practices protection racketeering. A protection racket is a scheme whereby a criminal group provides protection to businesses through violence outside the sanction of the law. The Sicilian Mafia is known to have committed several crimes in Italy for decades. Several criminal groups have flourished in other countries soon after that.


The Profaci crime family is an infamous and mean-spirited gang known today as Colombo crime family. The group among Bonanno, Gambino, Genovese and Lucchese are members of the Italian Mafia called Five Families. The Colombo group employs hitmen to carry out the dirty works for them.

Joe Gallo or best known by pals as “crazy Joe ” was hired by the family in New York. “Crazy Joe” lived up to his moniker, by killing in random, for no reason. Gallo initiated one of the bloodiest mob conflicts since the 1931 Castellammarese War and was murdered as a result of it. The Castellammarese War was a bloody power struggle for control of the Italian Mafia or the Five Families.


John Scalise was an American organized crime figure of the early 20th century who partnered with his bestfriend and mentor Albert Anselmi. The duo were among the Chicago Outfit’s most successful hitmen in Prohibition-era Chicago.

The infamous pair were arrested and charged in the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre” case but were then released due to a lack of evidence. The duo went on a killing spree and got away with it until in May 1929, when their bodies along with another gangster had been severely disfigured and dead with gunshot wounds.



Joseph Barboza was a Portuguese-American mafioso and one of the most feared mob hitmen during the 1960s. He is reputed to have murdered at least 26 men in his lifetime and escaped conviction. He earned the nickname “The Animal” after a brawl at a Revere, Massachusetts club when he allegedly chewed off the man’s cheek and an ear during the fight.

For a short period of time, Barboza ventured into professional boxing, winning eight out of 12 matches with five of them ending in knockouts. In 1950 when he was imprisoned, Barboza leads the largest prison break from the Massachusetts Correctional Institution – Concord. He was in and out of prison for either manslaughter or murder until on February 11, 1976, when “the animal” was assassinated by fellow hitman J. R. Russo.


Frank Abbandando or known as “The Dasher”, was a New York contract killer who committed many murders as part of the infamous Murder, Inc. gang. Before joining the infamous gang, Abbandando was reputed to have killed thirty people in Brooklyn, a proof that he does not need a Murder Inc.

Certificate to be a killing machine, he was doing great on his own. In the early 1940s, the gang was hit by a series of successful prosecutions that eliminated its leadership and several of its top hitmen. Fellow members began implicating each other, and in 1941, Abbandando was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced for execution by the electric chair.


Harry Strauss or “Pittsburgh Phil” was a prolific hired killer for Murder, Inc. in the 1930s. He purportedly killed at least a 100 men using a variety of methods, including: shooting, stabbing with ice picks, drowning, live burial, and strangulation. Strauss do not carry a weapon, to avoid cops pick him up on suspicion.

His resourcefulness made use of all things at the scene as a murder weapon. Strauss was arrested 18 times but was never convicted until he was found guilty of the homicide that sent him and fellow Murder, Inc. hitman Martin “Bugsy” Goldstein to the electric chair on June 12, 1941.


Giuseppe Greco was a hitman and high-ranking member of the Sicilian Mafia. He came from one of the most influential Mafia clans in Sicily, the Greco Mafia clan. He rarely worked alone, instead leading a “death squad” that included the most prolific killers in criminal history.

It was believed that he committed at least 80 murders and possibly as many as 300. He was eventually convicted in absentia of 58 murders but was in hiding, until he was shot to death in September 1985. Greco was murdered by fellow members and supposed friends, Vincenzo Puccio and Giuseppe Lucchese.


Giovanni Brusca is a former member of the Sicilian Mafia, he was responsible for more than 100 murders including the murder of the anti-Mafia prosecutor Giovanni Falcone in 1992. He was also responsible for the murder of an 11 year old boy. Brusca and his gang kidnapped the son of their fellow member Santo Di Matteo.

The boy’s father, Di Matteo took part in the 1992 Falcone killing and, following his arrest, under the pentito system named others involved in the plot. Brusca killed the boy and dissolved his body in acid. He was sentenced to life in prison in absentia, and was captured in 1996 and started to cooperate with the authorities.


Alexander Solonik known as “the Superkiller,” was an infamous Russian hitman in the early 1990’s. He carried out numerous murders for the Orekhovskaya group and other criminal associations during the time. He was jailed in 1994, only to escape in July 1995 from the Moscow maximum security prison Matrosskaya Tishina. His dead body was found in Greece, after he was murdered in January 1997. But according to rumors, Solonik faked his death and could still be alive in hiding or has a new identity.



Abel Reels, in his teenage years, was hired to do the dirty jobs for the Jewish-American mobsters from New York City-the Shapiro brothers. He also became a member of Murder Inc., the enforcement contractor for the National Crime Syndicate, and was nicknamed “Kid Twist”. Rules were widely considered the most feared hitman for Murder, Inc.

He was to face execution for a number of killings but he became a government witness and sent several members of Murder, Inc. to the electric chair. In November 1941, Abe Reles fell to his death from a window at the Half-Moon Hotel on Coney Island. The grand jury concluded that it was an accidental death, but suspicion remains about whether or not he was actually murdered.


Richard Kuklinski was an American serial murderer who was convicted of three murders. Kuklinski was given the nickname “Iceman” for his method of freezing a victim to confusing the time of death. Kuklinski claimed to be a contract killer for the American Mafia. After his murder convictions, Kuklinski admitted in a number of interviews to have murdered from over 100 to 250 men between 1948 and 1986. Kuklinski had told his story to psychiatrists, writers, and T.V. producers even, his documented sessions and interviews were aired on HBO in 1992, 2001, and 2003.

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