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The popularity of this game has grown in leaps and bounds to a point where both professionally and amateur levels are played around the world. Golfing has created a multi-billion market catering to consumer demands for clothing, equipment and accessories.

Logo Golf Ball Markers make sought after items.  In fact, beginners starting out on their first round of golf will have at least one spot marker their pocket.

The rules of the game clearly state when and where a ball may be picked up whilst it is in play. Markers may appear small and insignificant but they play an important role throughout the game especially on the putting greens.

Prior to the introduction of spot indicators as seen nowadays players used a coin to indicate the spot where their ball was. These worked well enough but as they stood out above the grass, they often deflected the run of a ball hit during a putt.

The name of the inventor of this useful piece of equipment has been lost in the mists of time but players around the world will always be grateful to whoever it may have been.

As an advertising medium, its impact is huge. Logo Golf Ball Markers are an effective manner in which to advertise a brand, service or product. Their main attraction is their size.


Plastic items are less expensive but they limit quality and impact of logos. Metal is preferred for it versatility, durability and quality. It is also the material most used in presentation gifts sets.

The most common design is a flat top, which has a thin spike attached to its base. Certain golfing gloves also have a small magnet type marker attached.

Logo Golf Ball Markers

Metal items have become highly affordable. The fact that they do not age and break with regular use makes these types a better option for promotional items as the message stays out there for longer.

It is also important when choosing a material to advertise and promote a business or product to choose one that reflects top quality. Branding

can be dye cast directly onto metal. Zinc, copper, aluminum and zinc alloys are metal types most used to make bases. There are various techniques in which the logo which is replicated, either resin epoxy or enamel work.

Gold, silver or nickel plating gives the product a richer look. A new design concept for a spot indicator is a clip at the back, which attaches to a person’s glove, hat or bag and is quick to find.

Logo Golf Ball Markers may be small but they are essential items that pack a great silent advertising punch. The designs are amazing in many instances unique. Both followers of the game and players collect them. People wishing to personalize these items for a special gift can do so at an additional cost.

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